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Futuristic 3D-Printed Shoes : version 081

Heron Preston and Zellerfeld reunited for another take of the ‘HERON01’ 3D-printed shoe, updating the previous model with a new ‘Version 0.81’ design. The new shoe incorporates feedback from beta testers, featuring an improved collar shape, enhanced arch support, updated midsole design, a bigger toe box, and more. Zellerfeld is also using this opportunity to recruit more beta testers to its program, hoping to expand its product line to include performance footwear in the future.

The shoe boasts a bold orange exterior, using multiple patterns and grooves to emphasize the futuristic aspects of its construction. Test pairs of the ‘Version 0.81’ are available for $350 USD and include an update when the subsequent pair launches. Interested parties can visit Zellerfeld’s website for more information.

Image Credit: Heron Preston, Zellerfeld

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