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Free Video Library Features : giphy clips

TikTok and GIPHY have announced a new partnership in order to integrate ‘GIPHY Clips,’ or GIF files paired with audio, into TikTok’s new ‘Library’ feature. The Library feature is a database for assets that are useable for the creation of TikTok videos. As part of this new collaboration, users will be able to search for GIPHY Clips within the TikTok Library.

This new feature allows for the seamless, convenient integration of popular clips into TikTok videos. These clips can be from movies, television shows, iconic internet videos, or any other content available on the GIPHY Clips platform, as it is all free to access. At its inception, the GIPHY Clips will be available from GIPHY’s verified roster of partners. These partners include Xbox, HBO, ABC, Hulu, The Roku Channel, and many others.

The GIPHY Clips and TikTok Library integration feature will be available throughout the week to select Android and iOS users. A full public release will follow this brief testing period.

Image Credit: GIPHY, TikTok

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