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Former President NFTs : DeepRedSky

Parler, a controversial right-leaning social media platform, has announced the opening of its new NFT marketplace called DeepRedSky, which will kick off its launch with the release of new CryptoTrump Club NFTs. More specifically, the platform will sell 250 NFTs featuring animated portraits of former President Donald Trump.

According to the company, DeepRedSky will be built on the Solana blockchain and will accept payments via traditional credit cards. Interestingly, Parler has already worked with Melania Trump in January to launch her first NFT collection, making this its second partnership with the Trump family.

“We want to work with somewhere between sort of 50 to 100 brands, and we want to offer a far more full-service provision than OpenSea currently offers, which is basically just minting and a place to put them up,” said George Farmer, CEO of Parler.

Image Credit: Parler

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