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Proving itself once again to be one of the most feature-enabled messengers and boasting encryption and convenience in one, WhatsApp is now beta-testing its multi-device functionality.

The feature allows WhatsApp users to remain logged-in on up to four authorized devices without needing to tediously scan a QR-Code each time. One important caveat is that among these four devices, only one may be a smartphone. This means that your other three devices can only be computer applications or web browsers.

WhatsApp stresses that this feature will not compromise the encrypted safety of WhatsApp content, and there are several measures taken to ensure this. One feature ensures that the associated accounts will be logged out automatically if the main smartphone log-in has not been used for 14 days. Additionally, data downloaded onto the computer and web applications will remain fully encrypted and protected.

This feature has stellar utility for the WhatsApp user who frequents multiple devices.

Image Credit: WhatsApp

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    This has been like this for over a week now.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Kind regards

  2. John Andravalah

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  3. Ron Walters

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