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Fashionable NFT Avatars : boohoo

Fast fashion retailer boohoo has teamed up with four web3 female artists — Aoife O’Dwyer, Amy Kilner, Reem El, and Shar.eth — to launch an all-new NFT collection consisting of 30,000 one-of-a-kind digital avatars dressed in the brand’s clothing.

In order to create the collection, the four artists teamed up to create 230 unique avatar characteristics and traits, which were developed with the aim of offering users a highly-diverse collection of avatars. In addition to the new avatars, the collection will provide users with access to all of boohoo’s future metaverse projects, as well as the brand’s discord community and boohooverse events.

“boohoo’s brand provides trust, and the use of recognized payment methods like debit/credit cards at mint allow users to buy the NFT simply using an email address and fiat currency. This avoids the need to set up complicated Web3 wallets and purchase crypto,” said Alessio Esposito, Co-Founder GMGN Labs.

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