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Fashion Concept NFTs : Cole Buxton

Emerging luxury sportswear label Cole Buxton has announced the launch of its first-ever NFT collection, a strategic launch that represents the brand’s new foray into metaverse immersion.

Officially titled ‘NFT Collection #1,’ the debut collection includes a wide range of over 100 unique, hand-drawn artworks that were created from the original designs and concepts sketched by Cole Buxton himself (the co-founder and lead designer of the brand). In addition, each digital-only illustration features signature Cole Buxton pieces, ranging from the brand’s earliest items to newly launched Black Friday garments.

Interestingly, the NFTs will be handed out for free to Cole Buxton’s most loyal customers, with all resale proceeds being donated to the Cole Buxton Charity Foundation. This soon-to-be-launched organization will focus on giving back to the community.

Image Credit: COLE BUXTON

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