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Family-Focused NFT Platforms : TOEKENZ

Tech startup Toekenz Collectibles has announced the launch of its newest family-friendly NFT platform called ‘TOEKENZ.’ The platform will double as an invite-only marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade blockchain-based digital collectibles. According to the company, all of the collectibles featured on the platform will be tied to well-known kids’ brands.

TOEKENZ will be available through the Toekenz app on iOS or Android. Because the app is geared towards kids and families it will feature an intuitive easy-to-use design.

“Toekenz will change who has access to NFTs, lowering the barriers to entry for everyday families, making digital collectibles accessible, and equipping kids with new skills to navigate the metaverse as it evolves,” stated Co-Founder and CEO, Iris Ichishita

Image Credit: TOEKENZ

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