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Experimental Virtual Sneaker Activations : Faster

Italian luxury fashion label Fendi has announced that it will, for the second time, be entering the metaverse. Last January, the brand launched a new virtual fashion show and crypto wallet accessory line. As a follow-up, Fendi will debut two interactive metaverse experiences, both of which aim to celebrate the release of its virtual ‘Faster’ sneaker.

The new interactive experiences were created in partnership with Meta, formerly Facebook, and utilize Meta’s Spark AR technology. Both experiences will serve to invite users to enter a Fendi-themed metaverse where they can participate in unique adventures. The first experience, called Faster by Fendi, is a unique AR filter that can be used on Instagram and Facebook. Meanwhile, the second experienced, dubbed Masterpiece by Fendi, allows users to carve a virtual block of stone into the shape of a Faster sneaker.

Image Credit: Fendi

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