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Evolving Hybrid Sculptures : human one

Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, has sold NFT works of art for many millions of dollars and the artist’s latest piece called Human One is a physical sculpture with digital aspects. Inspired by elements of non-fungible tokens, Human One is a hybrid work of art that will continue to evolve. The seven-foot box consists of LED displays and 24-hour video that creates the illusion of a life-size astronaut walking in a dystopian setting. As Beeple says, “While a traditional work of art is more akin to a finite statement, frozen in time at the moment it was completed, this artwork’s unique ability to be updated makes it more akin to an ongoing conversation.”

After making a record-breaking $69 million USD sale at Christie’s, Beeple is returning to the auction house with Human One and the piece is expected to make about $15 million USD.

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