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Dual-Screen Tablet Upgrades : surface duo

Microsoft has updated its original 2020 model of the ‘Surface Duo,’ the brand’s dual-screen tablet, to Android 11. While many smartphones have been updated to Android 12 in these past few months, the update to Android 11 for the Surface Duo is still substantial.

This update brings a large roster of much-needed features such as dual-screen organization of open applications, and intuitive dual-screen support for windows applications such as OneDrive. Additionally, this update brings support for mobile applications that rely on Android 11 or newer for support, such as Xbox Game Pass’s on-screen controller, which can now be played using the dual screens of the Surface Duo. Lastly, Surface Duo users will now be able to set preferences for each application on whether or not they would like the app to open in single or dual-screen mode.

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