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Dual-Hinge Folding Guitars : folding guitar

Ciari Guitars, a company that specializes in crafting Nashville-style electric guitars that are enhanced with innovative folding technology, has launched a new folding guitar that is well and truly aimed at guitarists who travel a lot for their gigs.

The ‘Ascender’ is different from other folding guitars created by Ciari Guitars in that its neck, which folds at the 12th and 14th fret, makes use of a lever that is situated in the guitar’s cavity rather than on the lower horn, and is capable of being unlocked for travel. When the guitarist needs to play their instrument, all they have to do is pull the neck in order to open up the guitar. As far as musical specs go, the guitar is equipped with Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups and comes with a Tune-o-Matic roller bridge.

Weighing in at 7.15 pounds, the ‘Ascender’ folding guitar is set to be available for a price of $1,799.

Image Credit: Ciari Guitars

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