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Digital Pet Fashion Lines : pepa paris

The cyber fashion company ‘Tribute Brand’ has debuted ‘Pepa Paris,’ a set of exclusive NFTs that allow owners to dress up their pets. There will be six different NFTs, each with 300 available copies. The idea for these pet-themed NFTs came from the founder of Tribute Brand, Gala Mrija Vrbanic, who created a digital version of her physical pet to dress up which she named a ‘Dogatar.’

The six Pepa Paris NFTs will be available on ‘The Dematerialised,’ and each will come with multimedia rewards. Owning a Pepa Paris NFT unlocks access to Snapchat and Instagram filters to use on pets. The Dogatars will also be available as collectibles on their own aside from the Pepa Paris line. These Dogatars are collectibles that do not provide filters, though.

Image Credit: Tribute Brand, The Dematerialised

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