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Dedicated Crypto Content Creators : immortals invasion

‘Immortals,’ the North American esports organization, has entered into a three-year-long partnership with the online cryptocurrency platform ‘Bitstamp’ to work on projects such as ‘Immortals Invasion.’ Immortals Invasion is an initiative whereby the two companies will host a variety of digital and in-person events during the ‘2022 League of Legends World Championship.’ Immortals has also announced that it will be creating a dedicated team of in-house content creators for cryptocurrency content. These creators will orchestrate a variety of web3-related content releases on the Bitstamp platform.

As an additional part of this partnership, Bitstamp will become the exclusive digital web3 retailer for Immortals esports-related content, such as possible NFTs or currencies. The third large initiative that these companies will collaborate on during this three-year partnership is the ‘LCS Trigger Program.’ LCS, which stands for ‘League of Legends Championship Series,’ is a large set of tournaments for the world-famous video game. The LCS Trigger Program will reward LCS viewers with a variety of Immortals-themed digital goods based on viewing metrics and loyalty.

Image Credit: Immortals, Bitstamp

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