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Conversational E-Commerce Features : Attentive

Attentive is a leading “conversational commerce” platform that aims to rethink business-to-consumer communication via SMS-based software solutions. The company’s unique platform enables brands to conduct two-way conversations with their consumers in real time, which, in turn, allows them to create more personalized expereinces that lead to more sales.

Recently, the company announced the launch of a new “text-to-buy” solution with Shopify’s ‘Shop Pay,’ which allows shoppers to buy products directly through an SMS-based conversation with their favorite brands. Built for mobile shopping, Attentive’s new text-to-buy Shopify solution will be integrated into the platform’s checkout flow.

“Launching Attentive’s text-to-buy solution is our first step to helping brands close the purchase gap and convert more browsers into buyers, and I cannot think of a better partner with which to launch than Shopify, given the breadth of its merchants, industry-leading security, and innovation,” said Amit Jhawar, President of Attentive.

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