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Comforting Pillow-Like Speakers : Oa speaker

The conceptual ‘Oa’ speaker is a pillow-like peripheral for users looking to enjoy a comforting audio experience when listening in the living room or the bedroom.

The speaker is characterized by its organic, oval form that appears as a work of art when positioned on a surface and features a hollow section in the middle. This area enhances aesthetic intrigue, while also offering a place for the user to position their hands when hugging the speaker as they head to bed. The speaker can be placed in a white noise mode to create subtle auditory feedback as well as vibrations for a soothing touch.

The conceptual ‘Oa’ speaker is the design work of Woojin Shin, Subin Kim and Hyorung Choi, and speaks to consumer demand for comforting technology products that enhance quality of life.

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