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Cloud-Focused Cybersecurity Startups : cyera

Cyera is a cybersecurity startup that was founded in 2021 but did not announce the details surrounding its company until the beginning of 2022. Cyera is a startup based in Tel Aviv that focuses on creating security solutions specifically for suites of data stored on the cloud.

Cyera states that its platform provides ‘Data Reality,’ a comprehensive view of all cloud data in an easy-to-digest format. This Data Reality showcases not only types of data and locations of such data, but also which data is potentially more sensitive or more prone to security breaches. On top of this, Cyera provides details on why each piece of data would be considered sensitive, allowing developers to remediate these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One notable aspect of Cyera is that it is an active, real-time solution for cloud-stored data. This is excellent for future-facing metaverse and web3 services, as active data monitoring is far more effective at ensuring secure data than point-in-time analyses.

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