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Child-Centric Metaverse Coding Platforms : coding platform

Camp K12, an educational technology startup founded by a group of computer science graduates from MIT, has launched a new augmented reality and Metaverse coding platform that is designed to help children develop an interest in next-generation coding applications.

While there are several coding platforms designed to help children wield their skills in the art and science of building apps and games, ‘Hatch Kids’ stands out because it’s designed to help kids get involved specifically in Metaverse-relevant coding in order to help them get a head start in the fast-approaching world of mixed reality. This is a significant upgrade over conventional coding platforms that tend to cater to 2D projects designed for flat screens rather than immersive environments.

With programs available to children of all age groups and experience levels, the ‘Hatch Kids’ metaverse platform is looking to inspire, captivate and educate budding young Metaverse coders.

Image Credit: Camp K12

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