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Automated Alignment Wireless Chargers : AimCharge

Coil alignment is a common issue when it comes to wireless charging that can affect power delivery, so the ‘AimCharge’ wireless charging dock is positioned as a way to help prevent this issue from ever occurring. The dock works by being plugged in and having any Qi-enabled device placed on it, which will toggle the […]

Headphone-Equipped Face Masks : Xupermask

The Honeywell x ‘Xupermask’ is a collaboration face mask created to transform perceptions of essential face coverings and offer wearers a more multifunctional experience. The face mask is paired with noise-cancelling earbuds as well as microphones, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and more. The mask is equipped with a series of HEPA Filters that are paired […]

Oral Health-Enhancing Devices : LED teeth whitening system

The Primal Life Organics LED teeth whitening system is a dual-purpose solution for consumers looking to increase their oral health in a simple, noninvasive manner. The device works by being activated and worn in the mouth for treatments lasting 16-minutes, which will work to help stimulate the gums and prevent sensitivity with the red LED […]

Next-Gen Podcast App Funding : Fireside App

The Fireside app, a “next-generation podcast platform,” was created by Falon Fatemi to enable live conversations. Like the increasingly popular audio-based social media site Clubhouse, Fireside will allow content creators to broadcast, record, and monetize conversations. Specifically appealing to creators, the platform will offer various ways to monetize conversation through a “highly curated experience” since […]

Surround Sound Gaming Headsets : Razer Kraken

The Razer Kraken and Razer Kraken Tournament Edition are offered up as wired headsets that will take virtually any gaming experience to the next level, with their impressive surround sound making players feel as if they’re really in the game. Both headsets boast versatile cross-platform compatibility, have custom-tuned 50mm drivers that deliver powerful immersive sound, […]

Smart Home Coffee Makers : Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

The Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker is a connected home-friendly appliance for the kitchen that will work to maximize efficiency for inhabitants by enabling them to toggle brewing at their leisure. The countertop appliance features an LED display and control panel for intuitively keeping an eye on functionality, but truly shines with the accompanying smartphone […]

Targeted Laser Flashlights : laser flashlight

The Speedir Laser Flashlight is a powerful illumination accessory built for impressive outdoor performance that will deliver lighting power like never before when out in the field. The flashlight makes use of a white laser light source that will offer 380 lumens of output and focus it entirely into one small area. This enables the […]

Seamless Device-Switching Earbuds : Morph Bluetooth earbuds

Shifting between different devices when using a pair of wireless earbuds usually means performing some kind of gesture or change which can be cumbersome, so the Morph Bluetooth earbuds are positioned as a more efficient alternative. The earbuds feature a wireless functionality that will pair seamlessly with your choice of device and come with a […]

VU Meter-Equipped Gamer Headphones : Meters Music Level Up

The Meters Music Level Up gaming headphones are a precision audio solution for avid gamers and eSports players alike that will provide users with a low-cost way of enjoying immersive experiences. The headphones will deliver HD 7.1 surround sound for deep, rich audio feedback, which helps to give users an experience that is realistic and […]

Tiny Power-Packed Portable Batteries : Intelli ScoutPro

The Intelli ScoutPro power bank is a compact piece of portable charging technology that will offer users with a way to seamlessly keep all of their essential devices connected. The unit features a 24,000mAh battery within that will deliver up to 240W of power to make it perfect for powering up a number of devices […]