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4K Ultra-Short Throw Projectors : Philips Screeneo U5

The Philips Screeneo U5 ultra-short throw projector is a precision piece of multimedia equipment for users to incorporate into their living room. The projector is capable of projecting images up to 150-inches from just 11-inches from the wall or screen, which is made possible thanks to a 2,200-lumen LED within. The precision picture quality is […]

Cubic 4K Mini PCs : nucbox 7

GMKTec debuted the ‘NucBox 7,’ its latest miniature personal computer with powerful components and a 3840 x 2160 output resolution. The NucBox 7 is equipped with Intel Pentium N6005 CPU with four cores and four threads and a clock speed of 3.3 Ghz. The device runs on integrated Intel UHD 32EUs graphics, which shares its […]

Futuristic Mechanical Speakers : cyber shell

MUZEN Audio, a Pasadena-based audio electronics company, debuted the true wireless ‘Cyber Shell’ mechanical speaker. This is a futuristic speaker equipped with RGB lights, a unique geometric design, and a large 10W *2 amplifying power via its loudspeaker. The Cyber Shell is a true wireless device, meaning it connects to peripherals via Bluetooth and outputs […]

4G IoT Bus Trackers : ATrack Technology

With the recent introduction of two new 4G fleet management systems, ATrack Technology Inc. is further establishing itself as the world’s leading designer and producer of vehicle telematics devices. More specifically, the brand is growing its portfolio of vehicle telematics products to include the ‘K500 Telematics Gateway’ and the ‘AX300 OBD Tracker.’ Both new products […]

Metaverse Mega Yachts : metaflower super mega yacht

Republic Realm recently sold a mega yacht in the metaverse titled the ‘Metaflower Super Mega Yacht.’ This is an NFT tied to a digital one-to-one replica of a mega yacht, which can be explored in The Sandbox. The mega yacht is a part of ‘The Fantasy Collection,’ a series of high-profile, luxury NFTs developed exclusively […]

Yachting-Focused Metaverses : yachting metaverse

‘The International Yachting Media’ announced the ‘YACHTING METAVERSE’ project. This is a virtual space that will act as a parallel to the real world, with a specific focus on yachts and the yachting lifestyle. As such, this new metaverse expands one of the highest-regarded luxury hobbies into an entirely new medium, opening the door for […]

Collage-Creating Mobile Apps : shuffles

Pinterest has debuted a new collage-making application called Shuffles. Shuffles allows users to create collages by using images from Pinterest’s own photo library or by using the iPhone’s camera to take pictures of the items they want to include. Additionally, Pinterest developed a tool that enables users to extract objects from their own images, their […]

Boating Metaverse Initiatives : meta marine

‘Correct Craft,’ the boating company behind more than 10 different successful boating brands and several sub-companies, announced ‘Meta Marine’ as its newest sub-company. Meta Marine will focus on managing the metaverse ventures of Correct Craft’s long list of brands. This includes collaborating with each brand to create metaverse products, experiences, and programs, such as virtual […]

Super Yacht NFTs : project metaverse

‘Cloud Yachts,’ a reseller of virtual assets, recently announced its ‘Project Metaverse’ alongside a large-scale NFT auction. With Project Metaverse, Cloud Yachts is aiming to thrust the boating and vessels world into the metaverse with virtual experiences, assets, and collectibles. The first NFT is a 63 metre super yacht, sold through a broker named Alex […]

Ergonomic Gaming Headsets : h3x gaming headset

The gaming peripherals brand ‘EPOS’ debuted its latest ‘H3X Gaming Headset’ online on the Drop webstore. This headset is built to be compatible with a wide variety of head sizes and shapes, as its headrest and mic angle are adjustable to fit different wearers. The ear cups on the EPOS H3X are comfortable with a […]