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Blockchain-Based Supply Solutions : Hyundai 1

Hyundai Card, a financial sub-label owned by South Korean automotive manufacturers Hyundai and Kia, has teamed up with financial giant IBM to launch ‘Hyundai Card Buddy,’ a new AI-powered chatbot designed to quickly and effectively answer customer questions. The new chatbot will leverage natural language processing (NLP), a kinda of machine learning system that I […]

NFT Golf Games : Golf Mode

Tech startup MiT Software has announced the launch of a new ‘NFT Golf’ mode for its Marketplace Metaverse. The new game mode intends to offer users a simulation of the sport by allowing them to buy and train a virtual golfer, which they can use to participate in games and online tournaments. In addition, NFT […]

Robust Accessible UST Projectors : Hisense PX1

The Hisense PX1 ultra-short-throw smart projector is a new for multimedia enthusiasts to choose as a way to enjoy a pro-grade experience without the associated price tag. The projector is based on the brand’s TriChroma architecture, which utilizes separate laser light sources in red, green and blue to deliver striking visuals in an immersive manner. […]

Spotify Audiobooks : Spotify Audiobooks

Music streaming giant Spotify has announced the launch of its new audiobook feature in the United States. For the first time, Spotify subscribers will now have access to a catalog of over 300,000 audiobooks, each of which will be available for purchase individually through the Spotify app or web page. Audiobooks will now have their […]

Smart E-Bike Displays : himiway screen

‘Himiway,’ the Shanghai-based electric bicycle manufacturer, announced that it is developing a new high standard Himiway screen for e-bikes. This screen is intended to be bright enough to view during a sunny day, and dimmable enough to not be distracting at night. Additionally, Himiway stated that the bike will have improved weatherproofing, specifically waterproofing, and […]

AI-Powered Art Creators : nightcafe studio

‘NightCafe Studio’ is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered art generation platform that allows users to create high-definition artwork simply by entering a text prompt. The platform leverages advanced style-transfer and text-to-image algorithms through ‘VQGAN+CLIP’ and ‘CLIP-Guided DIffusion’ to accurately infer the desired artwork from the entered text. What sets NightCafe Studio aside from other AI art-generating […]

NFT Custody Management Apps : Cobo NaaS

Crypto management company Cobo has announced the launch of a new software program called Cobo NaaS (NFT-as-a-Service), which has been designed to allow users and businesses to safely store their NFTs. In addition, the service provides users with the option for multi-role access as well as the ability to connect to marketplaces for NFT trading. […]

Super-Ultra-Short-Throw Protectors : Epson EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800

The Epson EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800 projector has been unveiled by the brand as a super-ultra-short-throw multimedia solution for the living room to provide viewers with an immersive experience. The projector is characterized by its ability to project images up to 8-inches in size from just 0.9-inches from the wall. Crafted around the brand’s 3LCD projection […]

Productivity-Focused Design Apps : Canva

Leading free design platform Canva has announced the launch of a new suite of tools and updates that aim to attract a wider range of businesses by catering to the design challenges of a multitude of industry sectors. The new offerings include updates to the company’s word processing software called ‘Docs,’ which functions very similar […]

Lesser-Known Streaming Services : Cineverse

Indie film distribution company Cinedigm has announced the launch of a cinephile-oriented streaming service called ‘Cineverse.’ According to the company, the new service aims to fill the “gaps” in other major services’ libraries. In addition, the service will function using a free ad-supported (AVOD) business model rather than a subscription-based model (SVOD). According to the […]

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