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Emergency Worker AR Glasses : thirdeye ar

ThirdEye, an augmented and mixed reality technology company, has partnered with FirstNet, the first responder-dedicated broadband communications platform. The partnership allows ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses and RespondEye to access the platform and provide first responders with a new way to find, record, and transmit important data during a call. The X2 MR Glasses and RespondEye […]

Text-Based Social Medias : artifact

‘Artifact’ is an upcoming social media and news service that aims to capitalize on the use of algorithms and the recent increase in the popularity of artificial intelligence. Artifact will be text-focused, similar to Twitter, but also hugely discovery-driven and algorithm-driven, similar to TikTok. The founders, who are co-founders of Instagram that departed Meta in […]

Surface-Suction Record Cleaners : VINYL record cleaner

Austrian company Rekkord Audio has launched an innovative new vinyl record cleaner that makes it easier than ever for you to ensure that your prized record collection is kept in clean working condition with minimal effort. The ‘RCM’ is a device that makes use of vacuum suction, with a vacuum arm used in order to […]

Fast AI Search Engines : gpt4 into bing

Microsoft announced that it is working with OpenAI on integrating the enhanced AI chatbot GPT4 into Bing. ChatGPT4 is a faster, larger language-learning model bot than its current predecessor, ChatGPT3. OpenAI states that, while ChatGPT4 will have a small percentage more parameters than ChatGPT4, the main difference between the two AI chatbots will be speed […]

AI Adaptive Music Apps : music platform

Aimi is preparing to launch a beta version of its eponymous music platform with the promise of making it possible for users to go about listening to music that adapts to their needs, tastes and moods. Made available in beta format for 5,000 users to try out, this music platform allows users to tweak various […]

Nostalgic Music Discovery Apps : music discovery app

A developer by the name of Ziad Al Halabi has created a new music discovery app that aims to help younger music fans travel back in time to immerse themselves in the music scenes of past decades, from 1960 all the way up to 2010. The ‘Rewind’ music discovery app helps users browse Billboard charts […]

Real-Time Translation Apps : translation app

Waverly Labs has launched an innovative new translation app that is designed to carry out accurate and precise translation in real time whilst also enjoying the benefits of audio transcription. Currently available on iOS, the ‘Forum’ translation app supports 20 languages and more than twice as many dialects. Users are also given the capability of […]

Mid-Range Next-Gen Smartphones : galaxy s23

Samsung unveiled the ‘Galaxy S23,’ the base smartphone in its mainline 2023 phone lineup. This reveal follows the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Plus, the two more premium models in the collection. The Galaxy S23 retails for just $799, which is affordable given its industry-leading performance powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 […]

AI TV Characters : ai characters

International food channel Gusto TV is currently producing the world’s first food show featuring on-screen AI characters generated by software and rendered in post-production. The Wizard of Sauce stars foodie Kyle Crawford, who appears as himself and also plays three artificial intelligence characters: Professor Saussenheimer, Dr. Sauss and Sgt. Sauce-alot. The show is all about […]

Midcentury Modern Speaker Systems : Klipsch Heritage Wireless

The Klipsch Heritage Wireless range has been expanded by the brand to include several new models ready to support the audio and style preferences of even the most discerning listener. The new models include The Sevens and The Nines, which are both characterized by their midcentury modern appearance, but hide some of the latest technology […]