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Psychedelic Light Projectors : Light Projector

Founded in the 1970’s at the height of the psychedelic era, OptiKinetics worked alongside legendary artists to create groundbreaking lighting effects and affordable solutions that brought professional lighting to the masses. The Kino combines a 10-watt LED light source with rotating colour wheels to cast psychedelic patterns on walls and ceilings. Created with materials like […]

Ultraportable Green OLED Laptops : s 13 oled ux5304

The Zenbook S 13 OLED UX5304 is a slim ultraportable laptop from ASUS, an industry leader in laptops and, more recently, handheld computers. This laptop is positioned as a premium eco-friendly device for users who travel often and need reliable processing power while on the go. In this regard, the Zenbook S 13 OLED positions […]

Award-Winning Winter Art Exhibits : Window Wonderland

Toronto’s annual winter art exhibit, Window Wonderland, is making a comeback to the Junction for its fourth consecutive year. Running from November 24, 2023, to January 31, 2024, this urban art walk will convert the Junction into a free outdoor winter art gallery, showcasing 20 augmented reality (AR) window installations and five murals created by […]

Fabric-Covered Short-Throw Projectors : LAYER XGIMI Mira

The LAYER XGIMI Mira short throw projector is a stylish take on the living room multimedia equipment that aims to deliver exceptional capabilities in a decidedly chic way. The projector is equipped with advanced projection technology that’s rated to achieve images up to 100-inches in size from just a few inches away from the wall. […]

Dock-Equipped Monitor Mount : ergoav

ErgoAV has released the Single and Dual Monitor Desk Mount with a Built-in Docking Station. Engineered to optimize desktop space and de-clutter small spaces, the docking station is integrated into the base, featuring two USB-A and USB-C ports, a 1Gbps Ethernet port, 4k HDMI ports, and a 75W power input for all of your tech […]

Automotive-Themed Gaming Monitors : aoc agon pro pd49

Porsche Design is working with AOC on yet another gaming monitor, this time titled the ‘Porsche Design | AOC AGON PRO PD49.’ This is a high-end gaming monitor focused only on customers looking to elevate their gaming setup with an ultra-premium display. In addition to the official Porsche branding on the device, it boasts performance […]

Adaptable User-Friendly Projectors : ViewSonic M10 projector

The ViewSonic M10 projector is a portable multimedia solution engineered with adaptability in mind to provide users with the perfect way to enjoy their favorite content or video games from anywhere. The unit maintains a compact design that can be easily used in a wide variety of locations both in and outside of the home, […]

Cinema-Grade TV Bundles : LG MAGNIT bundle

The LG MAGNIT bundle is a new premium home entertainment setup that promises to provide users with access to immersive audio and visual experiences. The system consists of the LG MAGNIT television itself, which measures in at 136-inches and boasts a microLED 4K UHD display to deliver cinema-grade experiences from the comfort of a living […]

Immersive Lighting Hotels : luma hotel

The Luma Hotel in San Francisco is a new and innovative hotel that aims to demonstrate the inarguable value of colorful, premium lighting. The hotel’s immersive and colorful lighting design reflects the history and culture of the Mission Bay neighborhood where the hotel is situated. The hotel’s exterior is inspired by the salt ponds that […]

Enhanced German Streaming Services : hdtv 1

German satellite TV platform HD+ has introduced the HD+ TV app, aimed at enhancing the hybrid reception of services for satellite TV users. The app comes with several features, including live pause TV, restart, and access to media libraries, providing an improved on-demand experience. As part of the new upgrades, users can now pause live […]