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Bluetooth-Enabled Analog Watches : b2100

Casio released a new-and-improved version of its ‘GA-2100’ watch titled the ‘GA-B2100.’ The B2100, in contrast to its predecessor, boasts two notable features. The B2100 features Bluetooth connectivity as well as the ability to charge off solar energy. This means the watch is now the same reliable, fan-favorite Casio GA-2100, but with an enhanced level of reliability and customizability.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows users to control several aspects of the watch via a companion app. These aspects include alarm setting, automatic time zone syncing, and the ability to set specific timers. The timepiece still boasts a modest array of technological features when compared to common smartwatches, but it definitely cuts out its own place in the market.

The GA-B2100 is perfect for users who want a durable, element-resistant timepiece that offers a minimal level of necessary connectivity features.

Image Credit: Casio

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