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Blockchain-Based Supply Solutions : Hyundai 1

Hyundai Card, a financial sub-label owned by South Korean automotive manufacturers Hyundai and Kia, has teamed up with financial giant IBM to launch ‘Hyundai Card Buddy,’ a new AI-powered chatbot designed to quickly and effectively answer customer questions. The new chatbot will leverage natural language processing (NLP), a kinda of machine learning system that I help to replicate human language by analysing vast sets of language-based data.

The new technology is just one part of the new partnership, which looks to integrate cloud-based AI and blockchain technology to improve Hyundai’s customer service experiences. In addition, Hyundai Commercial will work with IBM to create an all-new supply chain financing ecosystem. According to IBM, the new ecosystem aims to “reduce lead times and costs in financial transactions among dealers, distributors, and manufacturers.”

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