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Best Echo (2nd generation) Accessories 2018

Best Echo (2nd generation) Accessories 2018 – The new Echo hears you just as well as the old one, even when music is blasting out of it, or the cooker hood is going hell-for-leather as you concoct your latest culinary creation. If you have more than one Echo device it’ll “echolocate”, meaning only the nearest one will respond to you, and you can play one source of music in multiple rooms using groups of Echo devices.

Best Echo (2nd generation) Accessories 2018

Best Echo (2nd generation) Accessories 2018

Best Echo (2nd generation) Accessories 2018 :

1. Amazon Echo Dot Case (Fits Echo Dot 2nd Generation Only) – Indigo Fabric
Some reviewers say they look cheap or fit too loose – I’m not sure why people are moving their Dots. Since Dots are made to be stationary, have a loose fitting cover isn’t an issue. To me, it fits perfectly. They also aren’t made of real fabric, but the important part is that it does look like the fabric in the picture. Not being fabric is a better option considering plastic is much more durable than material and will hold its color better if your Dot happens to get sunlight.

I am thoroughly impressed with my Echo Dot and this case takes it to the next level by appearing as a much higher end product; vs. a nerdy plastic computer sitting on your kitchen countertop. The construction is solid and it is slightly lifted to still allow audio access from the bottom of the Echo. This case/cover will give your Echo the needed extra touch allowing it to blend in, but still offer the great functionality of Alexa.

2. Cute Fox Holder Stand Mount For Alexa Echo Dot, Bose, Anker, Home Mini Round Speakers Accessories

Cute Fox Holder mount Holder Stand for Alexa Echo Dot, Home Mini, Anker, Bose, Round puck speakers to decorate your home. Port allows for easy cord access. Does not interfere with microphones or speakers. Protects from getting knocked over, damaged, or spilled on. Hand-carved and hand-painted.

3. Wall Mount Stand For Echo Dot 2nd Generation 2018 Upgraded Hanger Holder Space-Saving In Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen And Office. Dot Accessories With Short Charge Cable And 2 Gaskets (R0101-Black)

Made from high-strength plastic, strong and practical. Easy to install, no drilling holes or screwing, install it in seconds without any tools. Simply plug your speaker”s power supply into the outlet, put the device into the bracket, and use the short cord that comes with the Mount to plug the dot into the power supply. Now you have your speaker off the counter and ready to use.

The hook clips are designed to lock your Echo Dot securely while at the same time does not block any sound or even the blue light ring. The cavity left beneath the echo dot functions as a speaker box to make Alexa’s voice even better.

Fantastic cord management, get rid of the long ugly cord and frees up space! Can mount your Echo Dot 2 on the wall, furniture or appliance anywhere you can think of at any height of any room.

4. Mission Hot Pink Case For Amazon Echo Dot

  • Adds a fun and vibrant color to the room.
  • Soft silicone material feels great to the touch.
  • Designed for a precise fit with Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Compatible with the 2nd generation Amazon Echo Dot only. AMAZON ECHO DOT NOT INCLUDED.

The Mission Case in Red fits Echo Dot perfectly. Echo (2nd generation) Accessories, just like second skin, if you will. The price point is awesomely insane; therefore, drop what you’re doing and protect your investment, right now. Just kidding…. I highly recommend.


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