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Authentic Lo-Fi Plug-Ins : wires

AudioThing’s Wires is an enhanced digital recorder emulation plug-in, which provides authentic echos and lo-fi effects for both composers and producers. Wires allows for a convenient way to achieve the same unique and ghostly textures of the vintage device from the comfort of a virtual environment.

Adding to the plug-ins authenticity, Wires was modeled after the original hardware of a 1970’s East German Army Stock Soviet wire recorder from the German composer Hainbach’s personal hardware collection—the recorder was originally intended for the Soviet Union’s military at the time. Wire recorders use a thin steel wire to record, which predates the mainstream magnetic tape recorders used for the standard delay emulation plug-ins today.

The Wires interface looks and operates similarly to the original hardware, even featuring a recreated reel that revolves while in-use. Surrounding the reels are multiple controls dedicated for mixing in and controlling the characteristics of the distressing, noise, and echo effects. Wires also dynamically reacts to the input signal, which imparts a texture from the modeled wire and vacuum tube that’s noticeably different from competing magnetic tape alternatives.

Image Credit: AudioThing Ltd.

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