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Audio Quality-Enhancing Applications : amd noise suppression

AMD released a trailer for a new feature coming to its graphics processing unit (GPU) software ‘AMD Adrenalin’ titled ‘AMD Noise Suppression.’ This is poised as a competing feature to NVIDIA’s ‘RTX Voice’ feature which leverages artificial intelligence to isolate voices while speaking. The AMD Noise Suppression will be powered by a “real-time deep-learning algorithm,” which will remove background noise and audio clutter from streams of inputted audio.

In addition to removing background noise from inputted audio, AMD claims its Noise Suppression feature will deliver two-way noise reduction, meaning it will learn to isolate audio playing through an output device as well. This feature will improve the overall clarity of voice calls in loud rooms or offices while ensuring that each participant, whether in an entertainment voice chat or a work call, understands each word they hear.

Image Credit: AMD

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