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Audio-Elevating Microphone Interfaces : microphone interface

The ‘iRig Pre 2’ is a brand new microphone interface that is designed to make it easier than ever for reporters, musicians, podcasters, artists and creators of all stripes to go about significantly improving the audio quality of the content that they happen to create.

Created by IK Multimedia, this particular mobile microphone interface can be used in concert with any XLR microphone, which it quickly and easily connects to your mobile device or digital camera. Compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices as well as digital cameras sporting a standard audio jack, this microphone interface cab used with a wide array of devices.

Available for pre-order for a price of $49.99, the ‘iRig Pre 2’ is an exceptional and affordable option for anyone who’s looking for a mobile microphone interface that increases audio quality with minimal setup and fuss.

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