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Audacious Three-Piece Guitars : three-piece guitar

Legendary American musical instrument maker Fender has released a spectacularly engineered and crafted three-piece guitar that is designed to combine the electronics and performance specs that have made Fender guitars so ubiquitous in the hands of the world’s greatest guitarists along with a truly signature style.

Released as the latest edition to Fender’s Parallel Universe II collection of electric guitars, the ‘Spark-O-Matic Jazzmaster’ is a custom three-piece guitar that combines the recognizable Fender Jazzmaster body with a rosewood fingerboard that adorns the C-shaped neck. Although the Parallel Universe collection was first introduced to the music world back in 2018, its offerings have continually charmed musicians who take a liking to unconventional and custom guitar builds, an appeal that the ‘Spark-O-Matic Jazzmaster’ most certainly caters to.

Available for a price of $1,999, this new release by Fender will appeal to the consummate guitar enthusiast who wants a combination of performance, aesthetics and reliability.

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