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Asset-Backed Whiskey NFTs : Rlon Wang

Scotch whiskey maker Glenfiddich has announced that it will release 200 NFTs to celebrate Chinese New Year. The exclusive drop will happen on BlockBar, an NFT marketplace dedicated to the wine and spirit industry.

The new NFT bottle was designed by Rlong Wang, an artist that Glenfiddich has now tapped to provide illustrations for three Lunar New Year expressions. Wang’s previous two pieces were printed on actual physical bottles, making this the artist’s first digital-only illustration for the brand. The new NFT bottle features the brand’s signature Stag portrayed in the form of a constellation.

Customers who buy the NFT will receive a JPG file of the compete for artwork as well as digital illustrations of the design’s icons and GIF file of the Stag. Interestingly, the NFTs can be redeemed at any time for a physical bottle of whiskey, making it a unique “asset-backed” NFT.

Image Credit: Glenfiddich

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