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Artist-Designed Tea NFTs : ‘Snapple ElemeNFT

Iconic juice and tea brand Snapple has announced the launch of ‘Snapple Elements,’ an all-new range of summer-ready beverages that have unique Web3.0 tie-ins. The drinks will come in three flavor variations: RAIN, AIR, and FIRE.

The new beverage line will be accompanied by the release of the ‘Snapple ElemeNFT,’ a digital-only collection that will serve to replicate the main ‘Snapple Elements’ flavors while introducing unique celebrity-designed artworks. In order to do so, Snapple has teamed up with artists such as Tierra Whack, Bradley Theodore, and Glassface.

“My style is about energy, color, and feeling. I like to absorb my surroundings and find the most positive moments about them.. This character represents the fiery and sweet feeling that I received the first time I drank a Snapple on the streets of New York,” said Bradley referencing his own Snapple NFT.

Image Credit: Snapple

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