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Programmable Microchip Pet Feeders : smart microchip pet feeder

The ‘Smart Microchip Pet Feeder Bowl’ identifies each pet based on a unique RFID code. This RFID code can be in the form of an embedded microchip within a pet, or in one attached to a collar. The collar-attached microchips come with the pet feeder, meaning no embedded microchip is required for operation. This pet […]

Pet-Sensing Smart Feeders : petnessgo

The ‘PeTnessGO’ is an automatic smart pet feeder with two core features. Firstly, the feeder can be programmed to set the amount of food to be distributed and the time that this food is distributed. Secondly, the device is equipped with motions sensors that identify what pet is in front of it, such as distinguishing […]

Mobile 3D Scanning Apps : realityscan

Epic Games and Capturing Reality have debuted the ‘RealityScan’ app, a 3D-scanning app for mobile devices that transforms photos into high-fidelity 3D models. Users can simply take a photo, open the RealityScan app to turn it into a 3D model, and then export it to Sketchfab to share it globally. Anyone can now make 3D […]

Futuristic Tech Activations : reddit ces 2023

The Reddit CES 2023 activation will be the very first of its kind from the social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website, and it offers a look at what’s ahead across multiple sectors. The Future Tellers installation will include an interactive digital art piece, The Reddit Community Crystal Ball, that will showcase ideas and […]

Smartwatch Shortcut-Programmed Buttons : action button

Apple Watch Ultra highlights one of its most notable new features which is the Action Button. It is a programmable physical button that is only available to the Ultra iteration. It differs from other buttons including the side one but it is able to be programmed to do anything that users need. Seen at the […]

DPVR E4 PC VR gaming headset

The DPVR E4 PC VR gaming headset has been developed as a high-power, precision piece of equipment for used with virtual reality (VR) gaming titles to further immerse players in the experience. The headset is engineered to be more compact than other tethered models on the market and weighs in at 280-grams outside of the […]

Ultra-Compact Gaming Consoles : genki covert dock

The new Genki Convert Dock Mini is a standout gadget for gaming fans as it is the perfect ultra-compact gaming solution that is small enough to fit inside a purse. It is small enough to fit inside a padded envelope and it is only slightly larger than the 5W AC adapter that arrives with most […]

Multifunctional Home Security Sensors : Arlo Sensor

DIY home security systems have become quite popular amongst consumers seeking out a way to keep a closer eye on their living space, which is seeing products like the Arlo Sensor offer support. The smart home security sensor is characterized by its impressive eight-in-one design that’s capable of being used in multiple ways around the […]

Perspiration-Analyzing Fitness Trackers : sweat fitness tracker

The ‘AbsolutSweat’ sweat fitness tracker is an advanced piece of health monitoring technology for athletes to use as a way to keep an eye on their performance in a precision manner. The device works by being attached onto the skin where it will analyze the sweat of the person, and provide readings pertaining to sodium, […]

Low-Cost Card-Style Trackers : GPS tracker card

The Seinxon GPS tracker card is a compact, durable piece of tracking technology for consumers to choose as a way to keep personal items nearby and safe at all times. The tracker is characterized by its card-shaped construction that’s slim enough to be slid into the card holder in a wallet yet is still packed […]