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Art Gallery NFT Displays : Danvas

Danvas, a startup specializing in digital displays for NFTs, has announced the launch of its ‘Series G’ display, which is being promoted by the company as the “world’s first luxury digital art canvas.”

Unveiled at The Amory Show in New York, the new digital frame has been designed specifically to display NFTs and do so in a way that mimics the aesthetic quality of paintings hanging in an art gallery. To create the high-end Series G display, Danvas partnered with design firm Ammunition Group. Together, the two companies created a unique 4-foot-by-4-foot display that allows users to exhibit interactive NFTs.

“Technically, this display technology is very forward-leaning,” said Danvas’s co-founders Jeanne Anderson. “We needed to be far different than any other LED or micro LED product out in the market. . .We wanted deeper darks. We wanted lighter whites. We wanted a larger array of color.”

Image Credit: Danvas

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