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AR-Enabled Basketball Player Experiences :

Building on its Super Bowl ad, has partnered with Snapchat to launch a new AR activation that allows users to enter LeBron James’ childhood bedroom. Through the lens, users will be able to discover hidden Easter eggs that will unlock new levels of mixed reality experience.

The new activation further extends the brand’s popular Super Bowl ad, which featured a variety L.A. Lakers players interacting with younger CGI versions of themselves. In addition, the new lens will also directly link users to’s mobile app.

“We worked hard to recreate LeBron’s high school bedroom for our Super Bowl spot. When looking for ways to extend the story and deliver an immersive experience, Snap offered a great opportunity for our community and LeBron James fans world-wide to be transported back to 2003 through this innovative Portal Lens,” said Steven Kalifowitz,’s chief marketing officer in a recent press statement.

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