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Anti-Doom Scrolling News Features : For You Feed

Flipboard, a leading news and social network aggregation service based in California, has announced the launch of its ‘For You Feed,’ an all-new feature that intends to give users even greater control over their own personalized newsfeeds.

According to the company, the new tool arrives, in part, as”an antidote to doomscrolling.” The feature allows users to easily deselect content that they no longer would like to receive, such as overly negative news, while diversifying the kind of stories they see on their home pages.

The new tool will focus on enabling users to engage with other non-news-related topics such as food, travel, fitness, parenting, and more. As a result, users’ homepages, which previously contained breaking news stories, will now be more personalized to their specific tastes and interests.

“A highly personalized feed empowers people to focus on the things that matter to them, without being distracted by doomscrolling, misinformation or browsing through other people’s lives. We build a platform that lets people take control of their media consumption rather than letting it control them,” said Flipboard CEO Mike McCue.

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