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Ambient Noise-Filtering Wireless Earphones : wireless earphone

Astell&Kern, a South Korean company that specializes in high-end mobile audio technologies that well and truly cater to the audiophile sect, has launched its latest and greatest offering in the form of the UW100 wireless earphones.

These particular wireless earphones don’t utilize the active noise cancellation that has become all the rage lately, but instead makes use of a passive isolation mechanism that filters out ambient noise across high, mid and low frequencies. What’s more, users have the option of deactivating the filter system by tapping their left earphone or wielding the companion smartphone app, allowing them to choose between different levels of ambient noise.

Set to be made available for a price of $260, these wireless earphones will appeal to audiophiles who won’t to exercise control over ambient noise in order to suit their environment.

Image Credit: Astell&Kern

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