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All-In-One Digital Experience Solutions : Expresia

Expresia, a brand-oriented all-in-one SaaS digital experience platform, has officially launched worldwide for general availability. According to the company, the new platform aims to empower brands, developers, and agencies by offering them a suite of powerful Saas-based tools and workflows that will ready them for the “digital-first future.”

In addition, Expresia acknowledges that in today’s digital landscape, online buying journeys must be engaging, personalized, and omnichannel. As a result, the platform boasts 100% API-driven architecture, allowing organizations to thoroughly revamp their approach to digital across multiple brand touchpoints — even for internal staff and operational interactions.

“Expresia is the tool of choice for a seamless digital customer experience since it can be leveraged to deliver fully customized and efficient experiences for every touchpoint of our digital business, both customer-facing and back-office,” said Domenic Sgambelluri, Director of Operations at iCapital Financial Services.

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