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AI-Powered Image Editing Platforms : Adobe Lightroom

Adobe has announced that Adobe Light Room, its widely-used photo management and editing platform, has received an update that will enable users to make image edits to videos.

While Photoshop remains Adobe’s most powerful photo editing software, Lightroom provides users with a unique organizational tool that is geared towards improving workflows. Fittingly, then, the newly launched tool will allow users to edit video images, which they can paste across other videos and photos, improving consistency throughout their projects.

Users will now be able to tweak certain aesthetic features of a video right from Lightroom without the need for opening Adobe Premier. These include elements such as the video’s image brightness and contrast. What’s more, the new feature is powered by artificial intelligence, further improving the speed and accuracy of one’s on-the-fly edits.

“These innovative, AI-driven features for desktop, web and mobile make it fast and easy to create great images anywhere with Photoshop and Lightroom. We’re continuing to add new capabilities to Photoshop on the web, making it not only a great way to collaborate on projects but also to facilitate key edits in your browser,” explained Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Image Credit: Adobe Lightroom

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