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AI-Enabled Haircare Tools : AI Haircare Advisor

Revieve, a health tech brand offering a range of digital-forward solutions in beauty, skin, and hair categories, has announced the launch of its new AI Haircare Advisor. To create the innovative new tool, the brand teamed up with Living Proof, a haircare brand owned by Unilever.

The AI Haircare Advisor helps customers find what they are looking for with their haircare by utilizing a combination of patented mobile selfie diagnostics technology, user inputs, and personalized recommendations. Overall, the new tool aims to provide customers with a more personalized and accurate approach to developing their own haircare routines.

“As a science first brand, we partnered with Revieve so that together we could bring a scientific approach to analyzing hair and deliver a precise hair care routine to our customers,” said John Winer, Vice President of Digital, Living Proof.

Image Credit: Revieve

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