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Affordable Digital Typewriters : freewrite alpha

‘Freewrite,’ the distraction-free digital writing tool company, announced its first-ever typewriter with an LCD display titled the ‘Freewrite Alpha.’ The company’s previous digital typing products featured e-ink displays, similar to those found in e-readers and other single-function electronics. The new Freewrite Alpha’s LCD display will not add new distracting features, but it will improve clarity and ease of navigation through the device’s menus.

The Freewrite Alpha boasts wi-fi connectivity that allows it to sync documents between a suite of devices, rather than having to be physically wired to a computer or phone. In addition to changing the display, Freewrite changed the key profile on the Alpha from larger desktop keyboard-like brown switches to low-profile laptop-like switches from ‘Kailh.’ This results in a smaller, thinner smart typewriter that can easily be slotted into a backpack or carrying bag.

The Freewrite Alpha is available now at an SRP of $350 USD.

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