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Accessible AR Creation Tools : Camera IQ

Social media giant TikTok will be venturing further into the world of augmented reality with the launch of its new Camera IQ software tool. The new feature officially launches today and will be available through TikTok’s Effect House — the app’s new experimental hub for content creators.

Camera IQ allows brands partnering with TikTok to create custom AR effects without requiring they write their own code. Before, the brands interested in creating their own AR activations — including those for TikTok as well as other platforms — – were required to spend large amounts of money and time on developing and building them. Camera IQ aims to make AR building for the platform substantially more accessible and affordable.

So far, a number of major brands have already begun using the tool, one of which is Cartoon Network. Earlier this year, the kid’s media giant used Camera IQ to build an effect based on a character from its hit show ‘Steven Universe.’

Image Credit: TikTok

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