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4G IoT Bus Trackers : ATrack Technology

With the recent introduction of two new 4G fleet management systems, ATrack Technology Inc. is further establishing itself as the world’s leading designer and producer of vehicle telematics devices.

More specifically, the brand is growing its portfolio of vehicle telematics products to include the ‘K500 Telematics Gateway’ and the ‘AX300 OBD Tracker.’ Both new products have been designed to help logistics firms save operational expenses and increase managerial efficiency.

The ‘AK500 Telematics Gateway’ utilizes an LTE Cat. 4 wireless mobile networks for real-time engine diagnosis and vehicle maintenance monitoring. While the ‘AX300 OBD Tracker’ can read data from two CAN bus systems at once to get more precise engine information, including speed, mileage, and fuel level. Fleet managers may undertake in-depth data analysis with the help of parameters like fuel amount, consumption, and speed, idle time, and other metrics.

Image Credit: ATrack Technology

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