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3D Resin Printers : photon m3

Anycubic launched the ‘Photon M3’ series of three large resin printers. These printers have a large build volume, a high-definition display, and an all-new automatic resin feeding system. The build volume on the Photon M3 Plus is an astonishing 197 x 122 x 245 mm, which is quite large for a medium format printer. The automatic resin feeding system allows the device to pull more resin into its VAT as required in order to ensure any print job is completed without interruptions.

The Photon M3 series printers are also cable of connecting to the internet via an Ethernet connection which allows the device to be controlled remotely from a smartphone or smart device. For manual control, the printers boast the inclusion of a 5-inch touchscreen. The Photon M3 Plus retails for $699 USD and is available online from Anycubic’s online store.

Image Credit: Anycubic

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